About Us

Life At Sea, art by Tim Ward

Life At Sea an original sea-life and surf-art brand from Santa Cruz, California. Created by surf/skate Artist Tim Ward, and brought to you by our solid crew at Life At Sea and our team of high-quality manufacturers.

Much of our production is done in the USA and we strive for fairness and eco-friendly choices.

We've Donated Over $50,000 to Ocean Cleanup - so far!

A portion of every purchase goes toward ocean and environmental conservation. Our next goal—$100,000 donated!

Life At Sea has joined forces with The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, which works rigorously to implement effective water cleanup solutions for chemical and industrial spills. The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization’s educational materials are being used globally to inform industry and environmental protection and health officials about effective spill clean up. We are proud to work with this incredible group.

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